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Atul T. Patel MDRecently Dr. Atul Patel from Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic spoke at the Lifewise Renovations Education for Health Care Workers program regarding Movement Disorders and Therapy Implications.


The talk took place at Rockhurst University Science Center on November 13th.


The Learning Objectives of the talk were:


  • Have a general understanding of the various types of movement disorders


  • Be able to differentiate between lower motor neuron and upper motor neuron syndrome


  • Be aware of the complications related to movement disorders and altered mobility



Dr. Patel is a Physiatrist, also known as a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician or a Functionologist.  His clinical areas of interest are broad and include musculoskeletal medicine, neuropathic pain, spasticity, movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and dystonias, stroke rehabilitation, multiple sclerosis, nerve and muscle diseases, geriatrics, electrodiagnostic medicine and general rehabilitation medicine.