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DIY Holiday Crafts
DIY Holiday Crafts

Decorating for the holidays can sometimes be a daunting task, and it can often end up being quite expensive, if you aren’t careful!  Below we will discuss some tasteful and elegant holiday DIY crafts to help you get in the holiday spirit without having to break the bank!

1. Paper Snowflakes

Creating snowflakes out of paper may take you back to fond memories of art class in elementary school, but there are so many new and elegant designs that are waiting to be created! These snowflakes can vary in sizes and hang from the ceiling or wall to create a snow filled winter wonderland in your own home.


2. Gingerbread Houses

The holiday season is not complete until a gingerbread house has been designed and decorated! This activity is fun for the whole family, as even the less crafty members of the family can still take part in enjoying the candy along the way!


3. Cookie Decorating

An easy way to get friends and family into the holiday spirit is by decorating sugar cookies together while listening to holiday music or while watching a seasonal movie!


4. Gift Wrapping

For those who are willing to go the extra mile with gift wrapping, this craft could be the one for you! Adding some twine, pine, or mistletoe to the gift is the perfect touch for making loved ones feel even more special in knowing that you took the extra time to make the gift wrapping almost exciting as what’s inside!

5. Homemade Ornaments

A perfect DIY craft for remembering the year is to create an ornament that embodies the biggest moments of the year. There are so many fun and easy ways to get creative with a craft like this!


6. Holiday Macramé

For those expert level crafters, creating a macrame ornament or wall decoration is an artistic and charming way to transform the home into a cozy holiday retreat!


7. DIY Dried Orange Holiday Garland

A great way to spruce up the fireplace or drape down the staircase is by putting together a dried orange holiday garland that can be paired with some eucalyptus or pine to create a unique and special holiday touch to the home.


We hope these cute and easy life hacks are helpful in getting everyone into the holiday spirit while also helping save the bank!

Author: Jenny Kurtz