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What is it? Blepharospasm is a type of dystonia, a movement disorder with involuntary muscle spasms. This affects the muscles of the eyelids that may cause the eye to completely shut. Vision may become impaired if the muscle contractions become too extreme where... read more

Common Knee Injury Linked to Knee Arthritis

Arthritis can strike anywhere in the body. While it’s usually found in the hands and feet, it also can occur in the knees. This can make it difficult to move around without pain. Knee arthritis can also cause many injuries. Below you’ll find more information about... read more

Barbecue Safety

With cooler weather approaching, many of us are getting back outside to our barbecue grills. Whether charcoal, gas, or electric grills there are risks and dangers when cooking up a tasty meal. One of the main dangers when grilling are hand burns and injuries. The... read more

Movement Disorders

Cervical Dystonia or Torticollis What is it? Cervical dystonia is otherwise known as spasmodic torticollis. What this means is that one’s neck muscle will contract involuntarily. That can be quite painful. It may even cause your head to rotate to one side, twist, or... read more

Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum toxins are a revolutionary treatment option for those living with certain medical conditions.  Currently there are over 20 approved medical conditions being treated with botulinum toxins or similar medications, with continued trials for new applications... read more

NFL Injury Highlights: Tyreek Hill

Sternoclavicular Joint Dislocation The NFL season openers were riddled with many injuries, including Kansas City’s wide receiver Tyreek Hill who was injured late in the first half of the game, never returning. He was tackled on a pass reception from Patrick Mahomes... read more

If you were a bone, which bone would you be?

A Buzz Feed quiz struck the office! Some of our physicians participated in a Buzz Feed Quiz in order to determine which bone best suits their personality. See for yourself if the results are a true match! Dr Patel, Dr. McNamara, and Dr. Latteier identified themselves... read more

Stress Fractures: How to Avoid Them

Stress Fractures and How to Avoid Them   Stress fractures can happen when too much weight or stress is placed on a weak or fatigued bone. It often occurs from overuse activity. Muscles that are too fatigued to absorb shock send that shock to the bone causing breaks in... read more

Artificial Turf vs. Grass

The Showdown   Concern for the safety of athletes when playing sports on artificial turf began in the 1990’s; however, no clear comprehensive study of the effects of artificial turf on whole body injury risk in every sport involved has been complied thus far.  ... read more

Ganglion Cysts

What’s That Lump?   Did you wake up with an odd lump on your wrist out of the blue?  Did it double in size with in just a couple of days?  You might have referred to Dr. Google for a quick diagnosis, and after weeding through every possible bump under the sun,... read more