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Will Running Get Easier?

To combat gaining the ‘COVID-15’ during the pandemic, I started running for exercise.  This way I got out of the house to do to try to get into better shape. Because like it or not, I am not getting any younger!  However after the first two weeks of workouts my... read more

Smartphones and Hand Pain

The Facts About Smartphones and Hand Pain In this blog, we will be focusing on smartphones and hand pain, different overuse conditions, and tips for reducing smartphone related hand pain. The average adult in the U.S. spends at least four hours a day on a mobile... read more

Sever’s Disease

What Is It? Sever’s Disease (calcaneal apophysitis) is a common cause of heel pain in children and adolescents. This typically occurs in children who participate in running and jumping sports- for example basketball, volleyball, or gymnastics. They will usually... read more

Preventing Falls at Home

A large amount of orthopedic related injuries are a direct result of slips, trips, and falls that patients sustain while in their homes. Consequently, falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans. With Emergency Departments treating... read more

Five Steps to Foster Good Orthopedic Health

One of the most important ways to maintain orthopedic health in bones and joints in the long run is daily exercise. 1. Stay Active Whether you are implementing an active lifestyle as a preventative measure or trying to strengthen an already fragile skeletal system,... read more

Cardio Exercising

I Don’t Have to Like It I am not, nor have I ever been a fan of cardio exercising. As a health care provider, I understand the value and importance of incorporating cardio into a workout routine. This doesn’t mean I have to like it! With the new “normal” we are... read more

My KC Adventures!

Hi, I’m Ann, and welcome to my KC adventures! I don’t know about you all, but my family has been getting out for a lot more walks lately.  At first, we were just exploring our neighborhood and parks close by, but this week we got a little more adventurous!... read more

Coping During COVID-19

Life has become much different since the COVID-19 pandemic surged early this year.  We have all heard the world wide news of how many people are being affected by the pandemic. Our hearts and our appreciation go out to all those who are facing this head on. The public... read more

Trevor’s Tidbits

Here’s the thing- life as it is right now may seem unnatural in all of our lives, though it is natural in the history of the world.  Pandemics have happened, civilizations have persevered, and we will do it again. During this stressful time of COVID-19, lets... read more

Home Office Ergonomics

Make the Most of Your Workspace The current global pandemic has profoundly changed the structure of the American workforce in a multitude of fashions. A growing number of employees have been tasked with the adjustment of working from home. However, without the proper... read more