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Stress Fractures: How to Avoid Them

Stress Fractures and How to Avoid Them   Stress fractures can happen when too much weight or stress is placed on a weak or fatigued bone. It often occurs from overuse activity. Muscles that are too fatigued to absorb shock send that shock to the bone causing breaks in... read more

Artificial Turf vs. Grass

The Showdown   Concern for the safety of athletes when playing sports on artificial turf began in the 1990’s; however, no clear comprehensive study of the effects of artificial turf on whole body injury risk in every sport involved has been complied thus far.  ... read more

Ganglion Cysts

What’s That Lump?   Did you wake up with an odd lump on your wrist out of the blue?  Did it double in size with in just a couple of days?  You might have referred to Dr. Google for a quick diagnosis, and after weeding through every possible bump under the sun,... read more

Achilles Ruptures

Achilles Ruptures by Stephanie Jones | Jul 2, 2019   One of the most common sports related injuries are achilles tendon ruptures. The achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body, connecting the calf muscle to your heel bone. This tendon helps you point your foot... read more

Bone Health and the Importance of Vitamin D

  Our bones are a living and metabolically active tissue and our internal framework; our basic structure. Our bones undergo a constant renewal process throughout our life and in order to achieve a successful, solid, protective structure, or bone health, our diet is... read more

Fall Risk

How Serious is Being a Fall Risk? A fall may not seem like a huge issue until a bone is broken, a person is hospitalized, or a disability is acquired.  Fall risk tends to increase as a person ages and may prohibit older individuals from performing daily activities... read more

Cross Training: Making the most out of your workouts

Cross Training Making the most of your workouts! Cross training is defined as utilizing more than one exercise in order to improve athletic performance and physical fitness.  There are several reasons why varying your exercise routine is valuable for your overall... read more

Is it Safe to Travel After a Joint Replacement?

Is it Safe to Travel After a Joint Replacement? It can sometimes be a long haul before finally deciding to proceed with a joint replacement. With the right diagnosis and treatment, you can feel like a brand new person, following a joint replacement surgery. At this... read more

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Let Us Help You Decide Numbness and tingling in the hands can be an annoyance, or even a painful situation for some.  Unless you have an underlying condition that causes numbness, such as diabetic neuropathy or fibromyalgia, it is likely that you have nerve... read more

Carpal tunnel syndrome and Pregnancy

Are you currently pregnant, or during your pregnancy did you experience numbness and tingling or a dull ache through your fingers and wrist? Well, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome! Carpal tunnel syndrome can start anytime during your pregnancy, however, it is more... read more