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  • 6 Easy Stretches To Up Your Golf Game

    6 Easy Stretches To Up Your Golf Game

    A Physical Therapist’s Guide to a Successful Golf Season With the warmer weather of springtime arriving, a lot of people enjoy getting back outside for activities, and golf is a favorite for many. If you have been inactive over the winter, stretching may help...

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  • The Workday Slouch

    The Workday Slouch

    Do you slouch at a computer all day long, leaving work feeling tired because your neck and lower back ache, and your eyes feel heavy? The providers here at Kansas City Bone and Joint Clinics understand and want to help your body to build a strong posture! When you...

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  • Get Fit Before You Feast!

    Get Fit Before You Feast!

    The holidays are right around the corner, and we are beginning to approach “the most wonderful time of the year”!! However, it also tends to be the most stressful time of the year for a lot of people. Especially for those who are trying to follow a diet or continue to...

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  • Dehydration and Risk of Orthopedic Injuries

    Dehydration and Risk of Orthopedic Injuries

    What is dehydration and how does it correlate to an increased risk of orthopedic injuries? Dehydration is defined as a harmful reduction in the amount of water in the body. This happens when you do not drink enough water and electrolytes. In...

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  • Will Running Get Easier?

    Will Running Get Easier?

    To combat gaining the ‘COVID-15’ during the pandemic, I started running for exercise. This way I got out of the house to try to get into better shape. Because like it or not, I am not getting any younger! However after the first two weeks of...

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  • Preventing Falls at Home

    Preventing Falls at Home

    A large amount of orthopedic related injuries are a direct result of slips, trips, and falls that patients sustain while in their homes. Consequently, falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans. With Emergency...

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  • Coping During COVID-19

    Coping During COVID-19

    Life has become much different since the COVID-19 pandemic surged early this year. We have all heard the world wide news of how many people are being affected by the pandemic. Our hearts and our appreciation go out to all those who are facing this head...

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  • Home Office Ergonomics

    Home Office Ergonomics

    Make the Most of Your Workspace The current global pandemic has profoundly changed the structure of the American workforce in a multitude of fashions. A growing number of employees have been tasked with the adjustment of working from home....

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  • Developing Good Habits During a Bad Situation

    Developing Good Habits During a Bad Situation

    In this era of “stay-at-home” and “shelter-in-place” recommendations to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), it can be very difficult to maintain the good habits established as part of our normal day-to-day routines. It can also be...

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  • Tennis Elbow

    Tennis Elbow

    Perhaps during the era of stay-at-home orders and social distancing, you have taken it upon yourself to start (ahem, finish) some projects around the house.

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