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Will Running Get Easier?
Will Running Get Easier?

To combat gaining the ‘COVID-15’ during the pandemic, I started running for exercise. This way I got out of the house to try to get into better shape. Because like it or not, I am not getting any younger!

However after the first two weeks of workouts my momentum started to fade. I kept asking myself ‘will running get easier’? While that answer is not the same for everyone, this blog will shed some light on how to get starting with a running program.

First off, before beginning any type of exercise program, it is important to speak with your healthcare professional. This can help to determine what kind of program is best suited for your needs.  After you have been cleared by your healthcare team, it is best to make a running plan that you can stick to.

Remember to reward yourself when you have been successful in sticking to your plan!  If you are trying to run for weight loss, you may want to reconsider a banana split as your reward 😆

Riki Duncan, MA. Ed

Scribe for Dr. Suzanne Elton

Second, start slowly by getting into the habit of taking walks.  Follow this up with quicker paced walks, then walking with intervals of jogging. As a result, you will be running before you know it!  Your speed and endurance will come with time and continued training.  There are programs available to help you train to eliminate those walk breaks.  They can also train you to build your speed, endurance, or distance!

In addition to just getting started, I made some purchases to make sticking to my plan easier.

  • I bought a pair of running shoes with good arch support and a strong rigid heel cup.  This helps keep my foot and ankle stable while running.  Talk to your doctor or the staff at the sporting good store about what kind of shoe is best for you.
  • After that, I invested in a good set of wireless headphones that connect to my phone.  I enabled the voice coach on my running app to help keep me motivated and on pace during workouts.  I may be the crazy lady running through the park yelling at my imaginary coach, but at least I am running!
  • A third investment I made was a running belt to keep my phone, keys, and safety whistle in while I run.  Pumping your arms helps you run more efficiently by keeping your body balanced, therefore allowing you to run faster.
Man running on waist measurement

Lastly, stay positive! It may be a while before you notice any big changes.  I admit that I was disappointed that weight was not falling off me as fast as I felt it should.  Especially with how much work I had been doing!  However, this feeling helped me gain motivation to begin cross training in addition to my running program.


In conclusion, the answer to ‘will running get easier?’ will be different for everyone. While my legs are still sore daily and I am still winded fairly often, the choice to get my shoes on and go for a run sure got a lot easier.

Riki Duncan, MA. Ed
Scribe and PCT Team Lead