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We had an awesome opportunity to sit down with the owner and creator of His & Her Fitness, Christina Larson.

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It all started when Christina was in college for nursing school, participating in sports and injured her right knee. She sustained an ACL, MCL, and PCL on one knee and the ACL on the other. Following the injury, diagnosis, surgery and recovery she was essentially on crutches for over a year. Her body was deconditioned and she knew she would never be able to exercise like she did, prior to her debilitating injuries.






This is when she started to discover creative cardio and her passion for personal training. She became a Certified Master Trainer at Professional Fitness Institute in 2004.




She has a fairly extensive back ground in sports medicine (over 14 years) with being a physical therapy assistant for 4 years, a sports nutritionist, and now owning her own personal training facility, that not only helps people get in shape, but to give people a broad understanding on a healthy lifestyle.


There are three stages to Creative Cardio workout regimen: Beginners, Moderate, and Advanced.




Christina Larson with His and Her Fitness talks with Fox 4 News about a unique approach to working out called “Creative Cardio.”



gymHis and Her Fitness is not just a gym to pump some iron. It is a unique environment where your group/teams are there for moral support and to hold you accountable when you need it. The personal trainers that work at His and Her Fitness create a custom fit weekly plan around your work and life schedule, so you can live your busy lives and still get time to better yourself.


They go through the whole gamut of things- testing your flexibility and balance, weights, food intake and nutrition, and supplements if necessary.





Let’s say you wanted to go out for a nice dinner, but wanted to remain healthy and make good decisions. You are able to text or call one of the trainers from His or Her fitness, and ask them what meal option would be best. There is always a trainer available to help you with your personal goals to be a healthier individual.



We asked Christina what is the biggest mistake that people make when starting an exercise regimen, and she stated, “going back to old habits.”


At His and Her Fitness they take pictures of results, perform balance tests, flexibility test, and monitor weight loss progress. they also reassess which factors could be inhibiting their progress, such as stress and portion control.



power pyramid



As we age, osteoarthritis can impact how we exercise.  Christina Larson will default to what the doctor recommends concerning exercise.  She also works directly with a physical therapist close to her facility.



To get more information about His & Her fitness, visit her website:




By: Stephanie Jones, AT