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The Kevin Ware Fracture
The Kevin Ware Fracture
The Kevin Ware Fracture

note: this is a stock photo and not a picture of Kevin Ware’s fracture

How in the world did that fracture happen? Here we are in the midst of March Madness. The next moment, Kevin Ware from Louisville is lying on the ground with a bone sticking out of his shin while others around him are scattering. A news article yesterday written by ABC News indicated that this injury could have occurred from a possible stress fracture in his lower leg.

What is a stress fracture?

Stress reaction is the reaction the bone has to stress over time. If enough stress is placed on the bone, eventually the bone may fracture.

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons lists several tips on preventing stress fractures.

  • Make sure you gradually work into activities. Do not try to accomplish your ultimate goal in the first week of beginning a training program.
  • Cross train- it is important to alternate activities so that you are not applying the same stress to the area every day. For example, “Instead of running every day to meet cardiovascular goals, run on even days and bike on odd days. Add some strength training and flexibility exercises to the mix for the most benefit.”
  • Keep a healthy diet in mind. Incorporate calcium and vitamin D. Next week, we will have a new post from Dr. McNamara’s nurse, explaining how to keep your bones healthy.
  • Proper foot wear is important. Worn out running shoes may set you up for injury.
  • “Let pain be your guide.” This is said often, but is also confused with “No pain, No gain.” Unfortunately, pushing yourself through pain can lead to a more significant injury. If you have pain that persists, it is important to follow up with an orthopaedic surgeon.

Even with these tips for prevention, it is important to note that Ware’s injury is not the norm.

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