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 Medial and lateral live in a small neighborhood called the knee, it’s nestled between their neighbors thigh and shin. All four of them are best of friends. When shin and thigh get together things can get a little wild. Most of the time the meniscus twins can buffer the two and keep them from butting heads.





One day the group of four were running along. One thing led to another and thigh and shin bumped heads but not without injuring one of the meniscus twins.  All four of them limped home but poor medial just never felt the same after that.





The gang would walk around town together but medial would randomly have bouts of irritability and snap making everyone in the town of knee feel bad. The more they tried to ignore medial’s actions, the worse it got. Something had to be done.



The whole knee neighborhood got together, finally, to set up an intervention. Medial was ruining everyone’s good time and had to see some professional help.  Medial saw that his friends and family were all concerned about him so he decided to see the Orthopedic.



The Orthopedic tried conservative treatment like therapy, medicines and cortisone but nothing seemed to help. Surgery was his only option left.




Following the surgery, the knee neighborhood could tell a difference. Medial no longer had sudden bouts of anger and was overall back to normal. He was a bit slimmer in the waist but worth it in the long run.




The knee neighborhood lived happily ever after … until the next shin and thigh run in.