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Wearing Masks: Recommendations and Tips
Wearing Masks: Recommendations and Tips
PPE Mask

According to the CDC it is now “recommended that cloth face coverings [be] worn in public”. Now that we all wearing masks I thought it might be helpful to share some ways to make sure we are wearing ours properly!

KCBJ Masks

What kind of mask do I need?

-The CDC has recommended that the public wear cloth masks. The surgical masks and N95 masks are not needed for the general public and should be conserved for medical providers and first responders.


When should I wear/not wear my mask?

  • Wearing masks have been recommended while in public when it is difficult to maintain social distancing.
Mask Up

DO wear your mask:

– Grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware store, doctors offices
– Wearing your mask does not mean you shouldn’t try to keep your distance from others it is just an extra precaution to try and keep you/others safe.
-You do not need to wear your mask when you are outdoors and able to maintain the 6 feet of social distancing.


DON’T wear your mask:

-Running, walking or working in your yard


Face Mask

How should my mask fit?

  • Snug but comfortable against the side of the face
  • Be secured with ties or ear loops
  • – Over the nose and below the chin
  • It should allow for breathing without restriction

Tip for cloth mask wearing:

1. Wash your hands before touching your mask
2. Use the ear loops or ties to put the mask on
The outside of the mask is usually blue/yellow and the inside (that touches your face) is white.
3. Once the mask in on DO NOT TOUCH!
Adjusting the mask contaminates the mask and then anything else you touch on your face i.e. eyes, nose, mouth (if you do touch the mask WASH YOUR HANDS again immediately)
4. Wash your hands again once the mask is in place
5. The mask will be strange, itchy and hot!! But try to remember how important it is to not touch your face
6. Keep the mask on the entire time you are out and about. Do not lower the mask to below your chin so people can understand you better or because no one is around
7. When it is time to take the mask off repeat WASHING/sanitizing your hands and using ear loops or ties to remove.
8. Place the mask in baggie/pillow case or hang on the rearview mirror in your car.
Be sure to only touch the mask on the ear loops or ties.
9. Wash hands or hand sanitize!

Child Mask

How to care for the mask:

– Wash as frequently as possible.
– Keeping your mask in a pillow case makes it easy to wash.
Throw the pillowcase with the mask inside in the washer and dryer.


Happy Mask Wearing!


Ann Coppage

Physician Assistant

I am a certified Physician Assistant with Kansas City Bone & Joint, working with Dr. Clint Walker and Dr. Gerald McNamara. I became a part of this wonderful practice in January of 2011. Prior to working here, I worked at another orthopedic practice for three years.


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