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Dumbbell Alternatives: Around the House
Dumbbell Alternatives: Around the House

Everything has been closed from restaurants to retail outlets to health clubs and gyms due to slowing the spread of COVID-19. When your normal routine of working out is interrupted, it can not only weaken the body, but it can weaken the mind.

The good news is you can continue your workout at home using materials you have in the house. Of course, making your own bench press or squat rack is probably not feasible, but creating dumbbells is an easy, simple way to maintain muscle tone and burn calories.

Homemade weight set

Items You Can Use at Home

Let’s start by utilizing items at home. A great alternative for dumbbells are milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, soup and vegetable cans. Any sealable containers will work for DIY weights. These can contain the product or be completely empty to work depending upon the weight desired. If the container is empty, filling them with water, sand, rice, beans or pebbles are perfect for different weight variances. It’s always a good idea to securely seal the container with duct tape or glue. 

Once the containers are to their preferred weight, they can be used solo or combined to create a specific type of weight.


If dumbbells for upper body workouts isn’t exactly what you need, there are other items that are great for lower body exercises. For instance, fill a book bag full of heavy books, and wear it as you normally would for lunges and squats. You can wear this simply walking around the house in order to burn additional calories. Use a smaller bag for overhead lifts, lateral and front raises and behind the head for a great triceps burn!


Resistance band workout

If you are able, purchasing resistance bands are a great option for both upper and lower body workouts. Depending upon the type, these can be worn around the thighs for lower resistance yet there are some that attach to your door frame to provide resistance for the upper body. These come in varied resistance for different body types and for specific goals. The price varies but generally they are affordable.

TRX row workout

Regardless of your workout preference and goals, it is possible to stay in shape both physically and mentally during these trying times.

Ensure you get outside to walk, jog, or run as well as strength train to keep your entire system healthy. Use the DIY dumbbells safely and always consult your physician prior to beginning a new exercise routine.