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A Day in the Life of Remi
A Day in the Life of Remi

The Yellow Lab During Quarentine

0603: Get up and stretch.

0605: Go and jump on the bed to see if my humans are hungry.

0607: Whine to make sure that my humans know that I am ready to be fed.


0607…and 30 seconds: lay down grunt and roll over on my back to see if they will rub my belly before they feed me.

* Repeat last 2 steps until there is either one or both of the desired outcomes are achieved.

0612: Eat a delicious meal.

0616: Go back to bed, but this time the queen size spare room will be efficient for napping.

0618: Nap.

0731: Bathroom break.

Stephen Remi

0732: See if bearded human will take me with him… where ever he is going.

0733: Nap.

0804: Grunt and be upset that my human is on a conference call and being loud in my second bedroom.


0809: Leave second bedroom for the master bedroom so I can nap in PEACE!

1235: Get up and stretch and go lay in the sun.

1236: Nap.

1515 Stretch and bathroom break.

1517: Whine insistently letting my human know it is time to chase the ball or Frisbee.

1518: Grunt, lay down, and whine for ball or Frisbee.

*Continue this routine until I either fall back asleep or she gets up to throw an object.

1603: Drink all the water in my bowl, but carry at least half on my face dripping on the kitchen floor.

1723: Bearded human is home!!!!! Rub against him to convince him to throw objects in the yard.

1800: Drink all the water, again, trying to leave a larger trail of water than last time.

1812: Eat a delicious dinner.

1818: Leave my humans to sneak off to the spare bedroom to sleep.

2100: Stretch and a bathroom break.

2103: Back to bed until the AM.

Stephen Payne, APRN

A day in the life of Remi, as told by his bearded human.

Stephen Payne, APRN

Nurse Practitioner for Jeffrey Salin, DO