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If you’ve ever been under the knife odds are high that you had an arthroscopic procedure.  Arthroscopy  is the use of a camera and small instruments that allow an evaluation and treatment of problems in the joints of the body. Small incisions are made, which allow for treatment of tears of cartilage and ligaments in the joint. Minimally invasive procedures like this allow for a more rapid recovery due to the minimal inflammation and scarring that could occur with a larger incision from an open procedure.



Arthroscopy literally means “to look within the joint.” (Arthro)- joint, (Scopy)-to look



Whats the difference between Laparoscopy and Arthroscopy?

The big difference:

Arthroscopy is similar to laparoscopy in the idea that it uses small incisions with a camera and thin instruments to do work inside the body. Arthroscopy is the use of small incisions, camera and thin instruments to treat joints such as; the shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, elbow, wrist, etc. Laparoscopy is the use of similar equipment and techniques, but within the body cavity, not a joint in the body.


So how is arthroscopy done?

arthroscopic portalsThe doctor performing the surgery goes within the joint by looking at a TV like monitor that is connected to the camera.



Both arthroscopy and laparoscopy use a camera, light and tools to perform proceedures with minimally invasive approaches on the skin and surrounding tissues. Arthroscopy is a less invasive method to surgically treat numerous problems. Until arthroscopy was invented, even simple surgeries such as a meniscectomy required a larger incision.  Larger incisions can increase one’s risk of infection, pain and length of recovery.






By: Stephanie Jones