How to Pick the Right Athletic Shoes

So many athletic shoes, so little time!

Athletic shoes, all-terrain shoes, cross-trainers; what is the difference?  Each trip to the store is overwhelming with all the new types of sneakers out there, and all you want to know is how to pick what is best for you!  Here are some helpful tips to think about when trying to pick out the right athletic shoes for you! (more…)

Warts: Where Did That Come From?

Warts! That wasn't there a week ago!

What is a wart?  Essentially, warts are noncancerous growths on the surface of the skin.  An old wives’ tale says that playing with frogs will cause a wart.  Luckily, we can put that claim to rest since science has proven that theory false.  In actuality, they are most often caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) (more…)

Modified Yoga Poses for Hand/Thumb & Knee OA

Yoga is an Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline involving specific body postures including breathing techniques to achieve health and relaxation benefits. However, when certain joints are injured it can be a struggle to accomplish the various poses without inducing pain.     (more…)

Ankle dislocation and tibia fractures, Oh MY!

We've seen some basketball players sustain tibia fractures the past couple years. The most recent being Boston Celtics star Gordon Hayward. While performing a pass in the air during the season opener for the Celtics Hayward landing on his left leg with a twisting motion. This resulted in a fracture dislocation of the ankle. (more…)

Osteoporosis and Treatment

When it comes to the topic of osteoporosis, this is a disease state that can truly be a “silent” disorder with many only being diagnosed after a fracture. (more…)

February is Heart Health Month!

Listen To Your Heart, It Is Heart Health Month After All!

It is likely that we all know someone affected by heart disease.  The month of February has been designated by Congress to remind all of America to listen to your heart and get involved in spreading awareness about heart disease to your friends, neighbors, and loved ones. (more…)

What’s a DEXA scan and Why Should I Get One??

What is a DEXA Scan?

Simply put, DEXA scan is short for Dual X-ray Absorptiometry scan.  It is the current industry standard for measuring bone mineral density, or BMD for short.  This is a tool that helps your doctor measure your BMD and determine if there is a need to improve your overall bone health.  If you have been seen in our bone health clinic, it is likely you have had a DEXA scan before. If not, this blog will teach you a bit about the test, and why you should be interested in knowing about your bone health. (more…)

The Golden Girls of KCBJ

This past year was bittersweet in we had to say goodbye to three women who were with this practice from its infancy. Those three women retired on us this past year leaving a large hole in our hearts and our clinic. In order to process our grieving we are paying homage to these three very special ladies.     (more…)