Runners Knee- Not Just For Runners

Are you a runner?  Do often have a dull ache located throughout the front of your kneecap that sometimes radiates to the back of the knee?  You may have a condition called runners knee. (more…)

Hook of the Hamate Fracture

Hook of the Hamate- Why Does My Palm Hurt?

  So, you keep on hitting your golf ball fat, and you can’t get your hand discomfort to settle down.  You are tender on the palm side of your hand, opposite from your bigger thumb muscle.  Any time you try to grip something tightly, you just can’t.  What gives?  Well, you could have a broken bone in your hand! (more…)

Beware of Spooky Spills & Trips this Halloween

Halloween is filled with ghost, goblins, and monsters but what's really scary is the increase in injuries that come into the office during the fall season. The injuries can range from falling whether- it be from a ladder, tripping or slipping from ill-fitting costume, or stepping into a hole when running from house to house, to lacerations from carving a pumpkin. As much as we love visiting with you we hope it's around town than in the clinical setting. We've compiled a couple tips from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery (AAOS) and the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) to keep you from the terrifying bone doctor. (more…)

Migraine At a Glance

      The estimated global prevalence of migraine is about 15%, ranking it as the third most common disease in the world to affect both males and females (The Global Burden of Disease Survey, 2010). Women are more likely to have migraines, (more…)

Patient Self Diagnosis

Patient Self Diagnosis: Good or Bad?

Have you ever had a friend or family member ask you your thoughts about a symptom they had, or even just googled a symptom for a self diagnosis?  At Kansas City Bone and Joint Clinic, a few of our own practitioners came together to discuss their perceptions regarding the worldwide web, how congested it can become with false information, and how it could lead to patients feeling confused and anxious before their appointments.  (more…)

Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day

On Tuesday September 18th is the annual, “Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day.” This holiday occurs on the 3rd Tuesday in September. We all have family and friends that we go the extra mile to make them happy. Whether it’s bringing them flower or taking them out for lunch. We enjoy taking the time and providing what they like or need to brighten up their day. One aspect of our life that may be over looked is our health. According to the American Cancer Society, many Americans wait until it is a medical emergency. By staying up to date on your health and regularly seeing a health care professional you can take steps to prevent emergencies from happening. (more…)

How to Pick the Right Athletic Shoes

So many athletic shoes, so little time!

Athletic shoes, all-terrain shoes, cross-trainers; what is the difference?  Each trip to the store is overwhelming with all the new types of sneakers out there, and all you want to know is how to pick what is best for you!  Here are some helpful tips to think about when trying to pick out the right athletic shoes for you! (more…)