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Most everyone has had a family member affected by osteoarthritis. When osteoarthritis (OA) starts affecting your daily tasks (getting dressed, putting your shoes on, sleeping, eating or bathing), it can take a toll on your life.

The physicians at Kansas City Bone and Joint Clinic often get asked “When should I get my joint replaced?” There is no right answer. Most surgeons at KCBJ, state “you will know when you are ready.”


Nancy Beltramo is a patient of Dr. Gerald McNamara’s who was treated for bilateral knee pain. I had the pleasure of talking with Nancy about her treatment with Dr. McNamara.  In 2013, she experienced giving way and pain in the right and left knee with walking or using stairs/steps. The left knee was most bothersome.



Dr. McNamara


Nancy reported, “as soon as Dr. McNamara enters the exam room, he sits down, and has all the time just for you.” He discussed many treatment options with Nancy, and went into detail about what to expect long term with a joint replacement (including the risks, benefits and recovery time associated).


Nancy had a left knee replacement in October of 2014. She states “the success of my knee replacement has allowed me to return to activities I either wasn’t doing or did with great caution. I no longer need to take baby steps going down even a slight incline and now can take any stairs without pain.”



Nancy attended 10 weeks of therapy following her procedure and had routine check-ups with Dr. McNamara. She states “his office staff, especially Suzy (Dr. McNamara’s nurse), were always available to assist me with any questions or needs that I had.”


She also reports “Dr. McNamara has an easy manner and quick wit that lent itself to an easy interaction between the two of us when discussing the medical issue at hand.”


In July of 2015, Nancy and her family had a family vacation in the Sangre de Cristo range in Colorado. She reports “thanks to my new knee, I was able to climb to 10,400 feet. Thanks for making this possible for me.”


Here are some amazing pictures of Nancy’s vacation with her family.



Nancy 1

This picture is Nancy (in the middle) climbing down a steep bank to cross a creek with her son and nephew.


nancy 2

Nancy is also carrying a pack weighing approximately 25 lbs.


nancy 3

“I think I can, I think I can.”


nancy 4


nancy 5

Our grandchildren



Author: Darci Mertz, M.S.