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Knee Treatments

Your orthopedic surgeon may decide to treat your knee discomfort non-operatively. There are many options including medications, such as anti-inflammatory medications like Aleve (Naproxen Sodium) or Advil (Ibuprofen)

You may also utilize icing techniques and exercises. There is the option of trying the exercises on your own. Here is a list of several exercises that can be explained in further detail. Please speak with your provider prior to beginning any of these exercises.  Note: These exercises are not designed to substitute for a post operative therapy protocol.  If you are having surgery, make sure you clarify your surgery protocol with your surgeon.


Knee Exercises

Knee Stretching Exercises

Quad Set | en Español

Straight Leg Raise  | en Español

Knee Flexion  | en Español

Knee Arthroscopy Exercise Guide    AAOS  |   Ejercicios después de artroscópica

Total Knee Replacement Exercise Guide   AAOS  | Ejercicio después de reemplazo de rodilla


More advanced strengthening

Leg Press  | en Español

Lunges  | en Español

Step Ups  | en Español


For a PDF handout of recommended exercises: Click here


Click here for a Knee Conditioning Program designed by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.


There is also an option of formal therapy with a physical or occupational therapist. Your provider will be able to order this therapy for you and our office will help you find a convenient location.

If pain persists, another option may be a cortisone injection.


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