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Back In Action

Our patients at Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic are very important to us.  Here are some great stories from a few of our patients on how they got ‘Back in Action’.  

Patient’s finger was saved from table saw injury

Dr. Elton was able to salvage Roger Taylor’s finger following a devastating injury. “She’s always smiling, happy to see me like I was her best friend and only person she was concerned about that she was seeing all day. “- Roger Taylor      ... read more

Rotator Cuff Repair Back in Action Story- Dr. Samuelson

  Keith Allen felt a painful pop in his shoulder during a strenuous weight lifting session. He went to orthopaedic surgeon Thomas S. Samuelson, M.D. with Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic, a division of Signature Medical Group, where an MRI showed he had a torn... read more

Knee Replacement Back in Action- Dr. Samuelson

  “I couldn’t stand for any length of time… (my arthritis) completely impacted my quality of life.”- Carolyn Clemons   “Knee replacements are very good procedures and in somebody like her it just shows how able they are to allow people to... read more

Children Wearing Casts- Dr. Elton

    “She fixed my bones.” – Blake, 8 years old   “Children are great to work with.  They have the capacity to adapt to things a lot better than we adults do and he adapted quite nicely to everything.”  – Dr.... read more

Woman Walking Again After Serious Leg Injury-Dr. Bruce

    “I thought to myself, I’m never gonna be the same, ever.  I’m never gonna exercise again. I’m never gonna be able to ride my horses again.  But he put me back together and now I’m horseback riding and working out and walking the dogs... read more

ACL Reconstruction Back in Action Story- Dr. Samuelson

Thomas S. Samuelson MD: A Patient Success Story     “Five months after my operation, I was back hiking some pretty strenuous hikes in the Yosemite Valley and that area of California and I got some great photographs to show for it and I was just very very pleased... read more

Emergency Finger Surgery Back in Action Story- Dr. Walker

  “I appreciate his medical expertise.  He was a great surgeon.  He explained everything he was doing.  He never wanted to rush anything.  We could’ve gone ahead and done a skin graft early on, but he was willing to be patient, as were we, in letting it... read more

Anterior Hip Replacement Back in Action Story- Dr. Salin

“It was extraordinary the difference- the way of life I live now compared to what I did before.  I can run up and down the stairs like nothing.  I have no hip pain at all. Zero. I go hunting. I go fishing.  I go to the gym.  I coach my son’s baseball. I... read more