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About the KCBJ Team

Our team is made up of caring, skilled professionals who work with you to get you Back in Action. From the first appointment that you schedule with us, we take your care seriously. Our office is fortunate to have wonderful providers and staff members who care about the outcome of each patient.  

Switchboard and Scheduling

When calling our office, you will speak with a team member from our switchboard and scheduling department. From here, you can schedule an appointment, check on the status of paperwork or be transferred to the appropriate team for more assistance.  


Upon arrival, you will be happily greeted by a member of our reception team. If you have not completed your paperwork online, you will be provided with a tablet pre-loaded with forms needing to be completed prior to your appointment. 

PCT’s and Scribes

PCT (Patient Care Technician)

A member of our PCT team will retrieve you from the waiting room to be brought to your exam room. Don’t be surprised if they stop along the way to get your height and weight, vitals and verify your history as they get you ready to see your chosen physician.  


Once the physician enters the exam room, they will be followed by a scribe with a laptop. The role of the scribe is to record the details of the office visit into our EMR, ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of the clinic. Having a physician utilize a scribe is essential for a more personalize approach to healthcare, as they are speaking directly to you and not clicking their way around a computer screen. Scribes also assist in ordering any special tests recommended, sending appropriate medications to your pharmacy, and assisting with in office procedures.  


If you need an x-ray when you are here for your appointment, we will use our digital x-ray to obtain your images. These images are ready to view almost immediately from any workstation in our office. 

Nurses Assistants

The Nurse Assistant team works directly with their providers to ensure that all aspects of your healthcare are in line with best practices. This team will assist with in office procedures, obtain approval of prescription refills and schedule surgeries as well as your post-operative care needs. They are in direct communication with their providers around the clock to discuss your care and concerns. 


The Administration team is eager to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at (913) 381-5225 when you need us.


Workman’s Compensation and Pre-certification

Workman’s Compensation

Our Workman’s Compensation team assists these patients by obtaining approval to be seen by both provider and employer, coordinates care with the patient’s case manager, and facilitates follow up care through the entirety of the patients visits.


The precertification team utilizes their expertise in coordinating your care with the requirements set in place by your insurance provider.  They help make sure that what you need is covered, whether it is a special diagnostic test, a medication, even your upcoming surgery. 


Our Bookkeeping department is fully equipped to help you understand your medical bills and obtain payments. 

“It’s not just the doctor here. It is the entire office.  I have never been – and I’ve been to a lot of doctor’s offices over my years – and never been in one where every person I talked to was friendly and helpful and energetic and willing to do whatever needed to be done.” – Stella, patient of KCBJ