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For more than 20 years, the physicians at Kansas City Bone and Joint Clinic have utilized the role of a scribe in their orthopedic practice.  Chances are that if you’ve been seen by one of our physicians in this century, they have been accompanied by a team member and a laptop.  The job of a scribe helps to ensure that you receive your doctors undivided attention during your office visit. 

What is a Scribe?

A scribe ensures that the information collected during your office visit is being recorded directly into your chart in real time. Therefore, the doctor can focus on you and your needs while the scribe updates your electronic medical record in a timely manner.  The scribe is able to fulfill prescription requests electronically in an instant, as well as prepare any orders needed.  For instance, if any special diagnostic testing or physical therapy was recommended, the scribe can have this prepared under the direction of the physician. 

Why Do I Need My Orders Right Away?

The ability to have these orders completed during the visit allows for our pre-certification department to begin authorization before you even reach the checkout desk!  In addition to the above examples, another benefit of utilizing a scribe is their ability to access your available records to provide the doctor with your most accurate and up -to-date information. Above all, using a scribe makes our specialization in personalized care second to none!

Apart from documentation and resources, a scribe is also a great tool to utilize for any in office procedures.  Having a third hand is useful for assisting with casting, bracing, injection administration, suture removal, or wound care.  

Having a physician utilize a scribe is essential for a more personalized approach to healthcare.  The physicians at Kansas City Bone and Joint utilize a scribe so they can focus on what is most important… YOU!


Back in Action

Our patients at Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic are very important to us. Here are some great stories from a few of our patients on how they got ‘Back in Action’.


“I got my life back. I can walk, I can ride my bike, i’m in the wellness program at work. Every Wednesday I play sand volleyball and I play golf twice a week.”

  A Total Knee Replacement And Still Active As Ever, If Not More Dr. Robert Bruce performed a total knee replacement on Michelle. She had great results.

“I want people to know, don’t put it off. I have the feeling back in my fingers. I don’t have any fire burning. You can’t even see where he worked on me.”

  Dr. Walker patient undergoes bilateral carpal tunnel surgery Dr.Walker was able to get this cartoonist back to doing what he loves.

“I know Dr. Samuelson would not do surgery if it was not absolutely necessary. That’s a thing I think between patient and surgeon. I mean, you essentially place your life in their hand and that would be difficult to do if you did not have total trust. Which I do, with Dr. Samuelson.”

  400 Miles won’t keep Beth from her Doctor- Dr. Samuelson patient