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A patient of Dr. McNamara recited a poem to him and her departing knee prior to her total knee surgery.



Ode to a Good Friend

How many miles do you think we have walked?

My good old friend, my knee.

A lifetime of journeys, all thanks to you,

You’ve allowed me to be free.

But the road ends today for you my friend,

it’s time to bid farewell.

I have more places to go and things to do

and many more stories to tell.

So out with the old and on with the new,

a new journey’s in store for me.

For its time to put away the past,

and say hello to my brand new knee.

-Jan Klein 11/10/2015


Thank you so much Jan and Dr. McNamara for sharing this with us. A good outlook on getting a knee replacement is some of the best therapy.