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PCL tear

“I have torn my posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), do I need to have surgery?”


Not necessarily.


A recent study from Orthopedics Today regarding the long term non-operative results in posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) tears reports no significant increase in arthritis. The study evaluated 68 patients for an average of 17.6 years and included yearly follow ups, surveys, physical examinations and radiographs.


The posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) is most often injured with impact directly onto a bent knee. It is not as common and is usually a result of the car accident when hitting the knee on the dashboard, during a collision sporting event or with a fall onto a bent knee.


“It is important for patients to be aware of surgical and non-surgical options to treat this problem.” Dr. Thomas Samuelson states. “It is very possible with stronger muscles surrounding the knee, a patient can compensate for the lack of a PCL.” He goes on to discuss the importance of a consistent home exercise program. For an example list of these exercise, click here.


For original article from Orthopedics Today, click here.