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We asked our hand doctors, nurses, and assistants what tips they have learned to care for their cast.

Bathing, sweating, and house hold chores are the biggest obstacles faced when trying to keep a cast dry and clean. Here are several tips to keep your cast smelling fresh and looking like new!


**Our Foot and Ankle Specialist- Dr. Bleazard strongly recommends his patients to stick with sponge bathing. If a lower extremity cast gets wet, it is imperative that the cast gets changed immediately.



Veterinary long arm Gloves

One box costs approximately $11.00 and holds 100 disposable gloves.

Long arm Vet glove- Brown

Long arm Vet glove- Brown











Cast Guard from drug Store

Cast guards or covers from a drug store can range from $10.00 to $30.00 for a reusable one.

cast guard-walgreens

Cast Guard from Walgreen’s is $9.99 for a package containing 2.




Press and Seal Cling Wrap

Regular saran wrap may leave gaps around the seams, even if layered several times.  Press and Seal cling wrap provides an adhesive component that will not stick to the cast or your skin.

press and seal- cast



A Waterproof Cast

Casting material is available in waterproof forms. They do not offer as much comfort and padding as traditional casts, but they are able to be submerged underwater without damaging the cast’s structure.








Moisture absorbing powders

Sprinkle moisture absorbing powder around the openings and on the cast material itself. This can help attract odor causing molecules and reduce the presence of bad smells.




This will not do much to stop odor from coming back, but will provide short term relief from overpowering smell.




Rub a scented dryer sheet along the exterior of the cast to help reduce odor. DO NOT stick dryer sheets down into the cast. It may become stuck and be uncomfortable.





Do not stick objects down the cast in attempts to ease an itch. If an object gets lost in the cast it may cause perforation to the underlying skin an introduce possible infections to the area.


Do not pour lotion or oils down the cast to reduce itching or dry skin.  This will break down the padding inside the cast causing it to loosen and be ineffective.

Do not alter the cast!  Art work is fine, but attempting to loosen or modify pieces of the cast will cause weak spots and the cast will not be an effective tool in the healing process.




By: Riki Duncan, ATC