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Runners Knee- Not Just For Runners

Are you a runner?  Do often have a dull ache located throughout the front of your kneecap that sometimes radiates to the back of the knee?  You may have a condition called runners knee.  Chondromalacia patellae, also known as runner’s knee, is the condition in which... read more

Ice Baths: No day at the Spa

There are many different ways people like to recover after a workout or competition. During the summer Olympics, rows upon rows of 100 gallon tubs could be seen, filled with gallons of ice water waiting for the elite to take the plunge after their events. More... read more

Olympic Injuries: Road to Recovery- Abbey D’Agostino

Road to Recovery: Abbey D’Agostino   There is not much buzz about this Olympic runner since the late summer. Abbey suffered the ‘Unhappy Triad’ during her event back in August, and underwent surgery to repair the knee in September. D’Agonstino and Nikki... read more

 Back in action

Here are great stories from a few of our patients on how they got ‘Back in Action’ after knee pain.