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A Buzz Feed quiz struck the office!

Some of our physicians participated in a Buzz Feed Quiz in order to determine which bone best suits their personality. See for yourself if the results are a true match!

Dr Patel, Dr. McNamara, and Dr. Latteier identified themselves as this bone, and if you’ve seen them in action you can see why. These physicians work incredibly well with their patients and if their condition is slightly “out of groove” these docs devote their time to realignment! They are the epicenter of the group!


These three amazing ladies, Dr. Elton, Abby Pollock, APRN, Cameron Hunt Reyes, PAC-C and the most fabulous Dr. Bruce chose the Distal Phalanx and it’s no wonder why. All of these providers are incredible to work with….ask any one of their patients and they will agree!

Oh, the spine! The spine is the support of the skeleton just as Brooke Barnes, APRN, Ann Coppage, PA-C, and Brandon Saunders, PA-C are to KCBJ. Their knowledge, dedication and ability to provide amazing patient care give the KCBJ “skeleton” excellent posture!

The femur is crazy strong! It can withstand about 600 LBS of vertical force and manages to support up to 30 times the weight of an average adult. This…is a powerful bone. Dr. Bleazard, Dr. Samuelson, Dr. Walker, Dr. Azzam, Stephen Payne, APRN, Barry Kentopp, PA-C and Stephen Hiatt, MD all identify themselves as the femur, and it’s easy to understand why. They are all dedicated, confident and paramount in their roles here at KCBJ. They all have a very strong role and are supportive of staff, their patients and the organization, which makes their femur choice spot on!

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