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 On Sunday May 22nd, Royals right fielder had a heck of a collision with third basemen (Mike Moustakas). It was a bit scary there for a minute but walked away with a broken wrist bone.


gordonScaphoid fracture, to be exact. He is estimated to return in 3 to 4 weeks. Really? For a scaphoid fracture???

He must have barely broke the scaphoid. In that case, he is one lucky guy. In most cases the fracture occurs in the waist or the middle of the bone.

Our guess is that he cracked the tip of the bone. The more central the fracture the more difficult the healing.





A scaphoid fracture is one of the most common wrist bones to break (excluding the radius). It is also the hardest bone to heal in the arm. People struggle getting this bone healed for MONTHS and MONTHS. 


 scaphoid fracture_17169243_s


This has something to do with the way the blood flows to that bone. Instead of the blood flowing from the core of the body to the finger tips, the scaphoid bone gets blood flow from the finger tips to the core, or backwards.






We are hoping our Royals leader has a quick and speedy recovery.




Go Royals!




 By: Tony Kuhns, CMA   Clinical assistant to Dr. J. Clinton Walker




Dr.Clinton Walker, MD

Scaphoid Fracture: A Closer Look