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reggie jacksonHave you ever noticed that the Pistons’ Reggie Jackson wears electronic hunting gloves on the bench when he’s not on the court playing basketball?


He reports “I found out in OKC I had problems with my hands getting extremely cold once I started running. I started losing feeling in my extremities.”



Many patients report similar symptoms of coldness or color changes in the hands.



Raynaud’s Disease is a medical condition that can cause these symptoms. Raynaud’s Disease is a type of vascular problem in the hands where the small blood vessels constrict too much.



Raynaud’s Phenomenon describes the abnormal reaction in the hand when it is exposed to cold and can be a result of Raynaud’s Disease, scleroderma, or other rheumatologic disorders.



A good way to deal with circulatory problems in the hands and fingers is exactly what Reggie Jackson is doing. Wearing warm and protective hand wear and avoiding prolonged cold exposure.



There are also other options including good skin care and moisturizing, healthy temperature regulation, and smoking cessation.



Surgery is usually not required for this condition. Once it is diagnosed, Raynaud’s Disease can often be managed through your primary care doctor with medications. Sometimes Botox treatment can prevent the vessel constriction that causes these symptoms. Surgery is usually reserved for the most severe cases or for patients who form ulcerations due to the decreased blood flow.



Author: Stephanie Jones