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Holiday has come to an end. Time to put away all the boxes of decorations and luggage. This time of year always brings in a lot of back and shoulder complaints.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) has some great tips for protecting your back, neck and shoulders when hauling items through the airport or other strenuous activities.





incorrect lifting

Here are a couple packing tips from AAOS:

  • Look for sturdy, light weight, high-quality, and transportable pieces when shopping for luggage. Wheels and a handle are a good idea.

  • Pack lightly. When possible use a few smaller bags rather than one large luggage piece.


A few tips when lifting or carrying luggage from AAOS:


  •  When lifting, try to stand alongside of the item and bend at the knees. Try to limit bending at the waist. Lift with your leg muscles. Keep the luggage close to your body.

  • Carry with both hands rather than one hand off to the side. This can decrease stress to the spine.

  • Do not drag rolling luggage when climbing stairs- carry it instead.