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Technology Enhances Healthcare

Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic provides the latest medical technology including Electronic Medical Records, Digital X-Ray, as well as options of on-line registration and bill pay, secure messaging, electronic statements and free public Wi-Fi.

Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical records, Electronic Health Record, or sometimes referred to as EMR or EHR, are used exclusively in our clinic.  We no longer produce a ‘paper’ chart.  Our staff will ask to take a photo of you to include in your electronic chart to enhance safety. We will need to enter data into the computer while you are here but most of our providers utilize a scribe to help with documentation which allows them to interact more with you.

Digital X-Rays

If you need an x-ray when you are here for your appointment, we will use our digital x-ray to obtain your images.  These images are ready to view almost immediately from any workstation in our office.  Because security is important, these images are stored locally on a secure server as well as sent offsite to a separate server to be saved in the event of a disaster.  X-ray images taken in our office are the property of Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic, PA.  These are part of your permanent medical record and to provide quality care for you, the patient, excellent medical records must be kept.    If you must transfer X-rays to another physician, we will make copies and provide them to you on a compact disc.  X-ray images unfortunately cannot be copied at the same low cost as paper records and that cost must be recovered in the form of a payment in advance from the patient or authorized person requiring those copies.  The current charge is $10.  We have made every effort to keep these costs as low as possible.

Our Patient Portal

Patients need to communicate with us, and sometimes the ability to do this electronically and after hours is important.  We offer a patient portal with many functions for our patients ease.  You can complete pre registration forms, send a secure message, prescription renewal request and pay your bill all online. (link to online bill pay) Our portal also includes an ‘APP’ for use from a smart phone.  Currently our secure messaging is only answered during business hours.

Free WiFi

Waiting is something we try to avoid; however, at times treating a patient takes just a little longer.  We try to make your wait as pleasant as possible and provide free public wifi. This will allow you to continue to work, surf the web or even check out our social sites.