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Hook of the Hamate Fracture

Hook of the Hamate- Why Does My Palm Hurt?

  So, you keep on hitting your golf ball fat, and you can’t get your hand discomfort to settle down.  You are tender on the palm side of your hand, opposite from your bigger thumb muscle.  Any time you try to grip something tightly, you just can’t.  What gives?  Well, you could have a broken bone in your hand! (more…)

Beware of Spooky Spills & Trips this Halloween

Halloween is filled with ghost, goblins, and monsters but what's really scary is the increase in injuries that come into the office during the fall season. The injuries can range from falling whether- it be from a ladder, tripping or slipping from ill-fitting costume, or stepping into a hole when running from house to house, to lacerations from carving a pumpkin. As much as we love visiting with you we hope it's around town than in the clinical setting. We've compiled a couple tips from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery (AAOS) and the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) to keep you from the terrifying bone doctor. (more…)

Migraine At a Glance

      The estimated global prevalence of migraine is about 15%, ranking it as the third most common disease in the world to affect both males and females (The Global Burden of Disease Survey, 2010). Women are more likely to have migraines, (more…)