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What’s a DEXA scan and Why Should I Get One??

What is a DEXA Scan?

Simply put, DEXA scan is short for Dual X-ray Absorptiometry scan.  It is the current industry standard for measuring bone mineral density, or BMD for short.  This is a tool that helps your doctor measure your BMD and determine if there is a need to improve your overall bone health.  If you have been seen in our bone health clinic, it is likely you have had a DEXA scan before. If not, this blog will teach you a bit about the test, and why you should be interested in knowing about your bone health. (more…)

The Golden Girls of KCBJ

This past year was bittersweet in we had to say goodbye to three women who were with this practice from its infancy. Those three women retired on us this past year leaving a large hole in our hearts and our clinic. In order to process our grieving we are paying homage to these three very special ladies.     (more…)