Archive: Oct 2016

Trick or Treat Ultimate Check List

Fall is all about cooler weather, leaves changing color and of course-Halloween! Halloween is fun time for everyone. From children going trick or treating to adults passing out candy. There is fun to be had by all. "Sometimes safety is the last thing on the agenda when having fun."(AAOS spokesperson) It is important to keep safety in mind when having such a busy night of activities.           (more…)

Cheerleading: Is it really a sport?

Cheerleading didn’t use to be a sport but we can’t say that anymore. It all started when a few students started standing up in the stands and cheered their team on. It has now morphed into a display of aerobatics, gymnastics, stunting along with chanting and yelling all rolled into one very large package of pompoms and rah- rah's. It is now an intense, disciplined, and yes -risky sport.   (more…)

Arthroscopy: What does it mean?

If you've ever been under the knife odds are high that you had an arthroscopic procedure.  Arthroscopy  is the use of a camera and small instruments that allow an evaluation and treatment of problems in the joints of the body. Small incisions are made, which allow for treatment of tears of cartilage and ligaments in the joint. Minimally invasive procedures like this allow for a more rapid recovery due to the minimal inflammation and scarring that could occur with a larger incision from an open procedure.   (more…)