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The 2016 Rio Olympics: ACL Tear

Significant Injuries Through Out the Games   The Olympic Games are often viewed as showcasing the world’s best talent in their events. We give praise to seasoned veterans based on nothing but their abilities without thinking much about their character out of the arena. This past week during the Women’s 5,000 Meter Race, two athletes whom had never met before, displayed powerful acts of kindness in an otherwise devastating time. (more…)

The 2016 Rio Olympics: Tibia- Fibula Fracture

Significant Injuries Through Out the Games

Every four years people from all walks of life gather from near and far to watch people push the limits of the human body. Gymnasts train from the time they can walk to one day compete for the gold in the Olympic Games. They need to be fearless as they soar through the air in their events, utilizing strength, flexibility, and knowing their body position while twisting around before landing safely on the ground. Many people do not realize the importance of the landing when it comes to gymnastics, and this is something that French Gymnast Samir Ait will not soon forget.   (more…)

The 2016 Rio Olympics: Elbow Dislocations

Significant Injuries Throughout The Games

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about weight lifting? Exercise, getting in shape, and building muscles are all some pretty common ideas. But when you think about Olympic weight lifting, that idea changes. You probably start to think about humans lifting incredible amounts of weight all for sport. (more…)

Cupping: The Newest Fad in Medicine

Cupping may seem like it is the newest and greatest thing in medicine since sliced bread, but it has been around for centuries. Ancient civilizations in Egypt, Greece, and China have been using cupping as a method for treating a wide variety of ailments since its earliest record in the Ebers Papyrus medical textbook in 1550 BC.   (more…)

Doctor’s Spotlight: Dr. Atul Patel, MD

Finally able to run down the ever busy, whirlwind of a man, Dr.Patel. How did a young boy from Kenya find his way to Overland Park, Kansas practicing rehab medicine??? He has had such an interesting life.   (more…)

Blood clots, DVTs and Pulmonary Embolism

White support hose following surgery can be a serious drag. They're tight, hot and just plain uncomfortable. The doctors and nurses say they're important, but why? Could they really save your life? Well, actually, yes. They can.     (more…)