Archive: May 2016

Bike to work day

  It's the 22nd Annual Bike to work day! Did you get on your two wheels and enjoy the cool air this morning? A few of our ladies did and a few more took a spin over lunch.     (more…)

The adventures of the meniscus twins

 Medial and lateral live in a small neighborhood called the knee, it's nestled between their neighbors thigh and shin. All four of them are best of friends. When shin and thigh get together things can get a little wild. Most of the time the meniscus twins can buffer the two and keep them from butting heads. (more…)

Stroke: Are there preventative measures?

 Stroke is such a commonplace in the US that it's rare to not know someone who has been directly effected by it.  It may come on sudden and unexpected but there are ways to prevent or to decrease the risk if suffering from a stroke. Knowing the signs are the first step.     (more…)

What happens when you ‘roll’ your ankle?

Ankle sprains are common among all individuals, and can happen at a moment’s notice. Something as simple as stepping wrong and rolling your ankle, stepping off of a curb, landing wrong after going up for a layup or block.   (more…)