Archive: Feb 2016

Prevention of Osteoarthritis?

What is osteoarthritis (OA)?   According to WebMD, osteoarthritis is "a disease in which the cartilage that covers the end of bones at the joints breaks down, and bony overgrowth occurs."   What cause OA?  

  • genetic factors
  • age
  • injury
  • stresses on joints
  • weight

Valentine’s Day Box Competition

Several ladies in our office went all out for Valentine's day. Here are some boxes created by the imaginative group at Kansas City Bone and Joint Clinic.  

Which one is your favorite??

    Our staff and patients voted on their favorite creations in clinic today. We have counted all of the votes and here are the winners!!   First Place is the "Puppy Kissing Booth"       Second Place was a tie breaker between¬†"Dr. Who-The Police Box" and "The Barrel of Love."              

2nd Annual Chili Cook off

What a fantastic way to get ready for the Superbowl. We had a Chili cook off which acquired SO. MUCH. CHILI. We often forget what wonderful chefs we have here at Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic.     (more…)