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Going up the down street…

Going up the down street…

Motor Vehicle Accidents, better known as MVA’s in the medical world, are a billing challenge.   We accept patients that have been involved in Motor Vehicle Accidents. (more…)

“Stop Cracking your Knuckles!”

Ever heard of the old wives tale, “Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis or enlarged knuckles.”?   Well it turns out that is not exactly true and popping and cracking won’t lead to future problems. (more…)

Don’t ditch the new you

We are a month into the New Year. Instead of telling you to grab that cookie and skip the gym, we are going to help,… Pump ... YOU up.


Gym Safety Tips 101


National Women and Girls in Sports day

We are taking a minute to recognize women and girls in sports. We have a few ladies in our office who have spent their youth participating in sports.

  First, we start with Darci. She played Volleyball for the University of Louisiana. (more…)