Archive: Dec 2014

Rooster Injections For Knee Arthritis Infographic

  There are many treatment options for arthritis in the knee; one including visco supplementation, also known as rooster comb injections.  Check out the infographic below to discover options to with your knee arthritis. (more…)

Post Concussion Syndrome and the HeadsUp Foundation

Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic is honored to be able to share a guest post written by Kylee Bliss.  Kylee is an 18 year old, who graduated from Blue Valley High School in May and is now a Freshman at the University of Kansas.  She sustained two concussions within two months (more…)

How to Use Crutches Infographic

If you are injured or recovering from a surgical procedure you may have to use crutches to keep weight off of your lower limbs. Here are some important tips and tricks to ensure safe use of your crutches. (more…)