Archive: Jun 2014

Fireworks: Tiny little bombs we hold in our hands

  The season is quickly approaching. The American spirit in pyrotechnic form will soon fill the sky and our backyards. It’s is all in good fun, but lets’ not forget to be mindful when dealing with explosives, even if they are tiny little firecrackers or sparklers. They can still pack a punch and do serious damage when not properly handled. (more…)

One man down for USA verses Germany game

Forward, Jozy Altidore, suffered a hamstring strain against Ghana and has been out trying to recover in time for today's game. Unfortunately, head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann, said that he is not going to be recovered enough for the game against Germany. (more…)

Get Away From It All Without Leaving Home

Sometimes we get so busy, that we forget the ones we love and live with. When my kids were little, we would take a weekend escape and never leave home. It took minimal planning, was cost effective and convenient.   The first time we did this was when we had planned a camping trip and my daughter broke her arm 2 days before we were supposed to go. We didn’t want to take her into the woods or the lake with a cast, so we came up with Plan B. (more…)

Cam Walker 101

Have to wear a cam walker for the next several weeks to months? It is possible with an ankle fracture, sprain or strain that you may be asked to immobilize the foot and ankle. There are three ways immobilization might be recommended.   (more…)

Ventura Expected Back Tonight and Doesn’t Have a Tommy John Injury- Whew!

Yordano Ventura has been throwing some serious heat this season. On Memorial Day, however, he didn’t seem up to par, giving up 5 runs by the third inning. The athletic trainers and coach pulled him out of the game for elbow pain and shortly thereafter an MRI was ordered. The common concern for pitchers and throwers alike is Tommy John injury.   Fortunately Ventura only sprained the elbow and should return to the mound tonight. (more…)