Archive: May 2014

Water: The Elixir of Life

  Ahhh water, the elixer of life!   Staying hydrated is always important but did you know WHY it is important for our bodies? Drinking a sufficient amount of water can make all the difference.   So, what does water do to your body? (more…)

Best Potato Salad You Will Ever Eat

Introducing the Best Potato Salad You will ever eat!  This is a fabulous recipe for Memorial Day or any time of year. You will want to make enough for leftovers, because once you taste it, you’ll want more. It has an incredible flavor!   Potato Salad (more…)

The Dreadful Running Side Stitch

The weather is nice, which means some have been running outside more frequently. I have noticed some difficulty increasing my distance when running due to a very sharp pain under the rib cage that stops me from running. (more…)

12 Easy “Grab and Go” Finger Foods to Have at Your Graduation Party

  Roll ups, Wraps ups, Hot dips, Cold dips, Bread dips, Vegie Dips, Fruit Dips, Meat on a stick, Fruit on a stick, Vegies on a stick, meatballs, sausage balls, cheese balls, cookie balls, you name it, the list goes on and on. Decide what you definitely want, then balance your salty, savory and sweet. (more…)

Graduation Time Food– Oh no, what do I fix?

It is time to decide on your graduation food for your party.  Use the same idea as the graduation tips…Keep It Simple! First, what can you afford? Secondly, what does your graduate like? Third, what is within reason of your talents?   So first, set a budget! Can you afford to have a local BBQ place, restaurant or grocery store prepare items for you? If so, go for it and keep your stress down! If like most of us, you prefer for your budget to prepare items (more…)

Catching and Clicking? You May Have A Trigger Finger

Does your finger feel like it is “dislocating,” catching, clicking and/or even locking down? Do you have pain in the palm of your hand with any kind of gripping activities?   These symptoms are possibly a trigger finger. So what is a trigger finger? Why does your finger feel like it’s getting caught or "dislocating"? (more…)

Six Things You Need to Throw the Perfect Graduation Party

  Graduation Season is here. Now how do I get everything done? The first thing to do is to keep it simple – the KISS principle. It will reduce your stress and help you enjoy this wonderful time in your child’s life. Whether it is High School or College, tailor your plans to your lifestyle and your budget. After having 4 kids graduate from High School and College, I’ve seen it done right and I’ve seen it done wrong. I found each party was tailored to the taste of the child we were celebrating. (more…)

Black Bean Salsa

May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, or for any reason, this is a great salsa and is very popular at the office, home, school, church. I have found it’s a crowd pleaser almost anywhere. (more…)