Archive: Jan 2014

Super Bowl Food: Bosco Sticks!

Super Bowl XLVIII is this weekend and it is time to gather the snacks!  Our office has been participating in a Corporate Wellness Challenge and one of the challenges was to try a healthy recipe.  One of our employees was gracious enough to share her healthier version of the family favorite: the Bosco Stick. (more…)

Google tells me it is Tennis Elbow but I don’t play Tennis!

  Do you have pain over the outside of your elbow? Tennis elbow, also called tendonitis or lateral epicondylitis, is inflammation or overuse of extensor tendons which can cause significant pain along the outside of the elbow. This pain may be quick to occur or may develop overtime and may happen with or without an injury.   The typical age for people to get tennis elbow is between the ages of 30 to 50 years but (more…)