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Time for Some New Shoes for the New Year?

The New Year is upon us and you have decided that you are going to begin working out. Would you want to take up tennis, golf or running? Perhaps you enjoy hiking? Well, you will need the proper shoes to proceed. (more…)

Rain, Rain, Go Away & Make My Joints Feel Better

    Does Grandpa always know when it is going to rain or how about snow? A recent article published in the Wall Street Journal indicates Grandma and Grandpa may be on to something. In fact, The Weather Channel even has an “aches and pains” report available to people to determine if they will likely have pain on a specific day.   The Wall Street Journal article notes many patients believe certain weather conditions exacerbate their pain. Consequently, orthopedists and physiatrists, (more…)

Chiefs Linebacker, Justin Houston’s Elbow Injury

Elbow Dislocation Explained

For those of you Chiefs fans out there, you know that on November 24th 2013, Justin Houston dislocated his elbow during the game. The outside linebacker has had an MRI revealing ligament damage typical of an elbow dislocation.   Dr. Clint Walker at Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic, who is Board Certified in Orthopedic Surgery with additional specialty certification for Hand Surgery, describes more information regarding elbow dislocations (more…)

Arthur, our Elf on the Shelf is Back!

  He is back!  "Arthur Ritis" has made it back from the North Pole to count down the days until Christmas in our office.  Here are his pictures from last year and  what he is up to this year. (more…)