Archive: Oct 2013

Knee Motion Machine: Do you need it after surgery?

Do you need a knee motion machine after surgery?   It has been decided by you, your family and your surgeon that you want to proceed with a total knee replacement surgery. Many people you know have gone through this procedure and the question has come up whether you will have a knee motion machine after the surgery. (more…)

Avoid the Carving Hand Injury

The fall season is upon us and it brings fun things like pumpkin patches, Halloween candy, football and turkey. However, there are two events that may be very scary for your hands: pumpkin and turkey carving.

“Every year during Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season, (more…)

Protect Your Joints, It is Time to Quit

  If you are a smoker or have a loved one that is, here is another reason to consider quitting. Two separate studies which came out in 2012 and were presented at the 2012 annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons discussed smoking and its effect of hip and total knee implants.   It was found that the revision rate, meaning a “re-do” surgery, was 10 times higher for smokers compared (more…)

What is a Physiatrist? Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Explained

Rehabilitation physicians treat disabilities resulting from a variety of diseases or injuries. The focus is not on one part of the body, but rather on the development of a comprehensive treatment plan for putting the pieces of a patient’s life back together – medically, socially, emotionally, and vocationally – after injury or disease (more…)