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Work Comp Injury? Info to Know

You were injured at work, what now?

At Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic, we treat all types of injuries. However, if you are injured at work there are a few things you should know. First, you will need to report it to your supervisor (more…)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Part 5, The Recovery

Carpal tunnel released... now what?   The Mid-levels (Nurse practitioners and Physicians Assistants at Kansas City Bone & Joint have combined efforts to give the top ten “need to know tips” after carpal tunnel surgery. (more…)

Creative Cast Contest Winner!

  Well ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!  Mr. Caterpillar and his designers Erin and Andria.  Great work girls!  Thank you to all who voted on-line and in our lobby!   Check out all our great casts below from the last two contests! (more…)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Part 4: The Surgery

Carpal tunnel release is typically performed outpatient (meaning you go home the same day) under local anesthesia. During surgery, a cut is made in your palm. The transverse carpal ligament at the carpal tunnel is divided. This increases the size of the tunnel and decreases pressure on the nerve. (more…)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Part 3: The Treatment

You have been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Now what do you do? There are several non-operative treatments that can be considered before pursuing a surgical option. Your surgeon will discuss what is specifically right for you.

Non-operative options

Symptoms may be relieved without the need for surgery (more…)