Archive: Jun 2013

No Personal Computer? No Problem!

No Personal Computer?   You can still use our Patient Portal and Website!   Not everyone has a home computer, laptop, or tablet available for their use. The good news is, if you have a friend or relative offer to let you use theirs, or even a library card, you can easily set up an account on Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic’s Patient Portal free of charge. (more…)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Part 1

Numb fingers while driving? Tingling in the hands and fingers waking you up during the night? Aching and pain in the hand? All can be symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (more…)

Easing Back into Running

You are recovering from an injury and your doctor has just given you clearance to begin running again. Here is an easy way to phase back into running.

  The total distance is always 2 miles for this program. Begin by walking 2 miles or 8 laps on a ¼ mile track. If no discomfort or swelling results, proceed to the next phase, jogging the straights (more…)

Casting a Broken Wrist- On the Vine

For those of you that know the social media site The Vine, you might appreciate this.  Our Athletic Trainer's and Orthotechs got together this morning to show a 6 second video on how to cast a broken wrist.

(Warning: movements are fast and may cause some dizziness)