Archive: Apr 2013

I’m getting my cast off today, what should I expect?

  Walking into the cast room can be quite a roller coaster of emotions. In the back of your mind, you know that taking the cast off shouldn’t be horrible. People have had casts removed for several decades without showing up on the news, “Top Story” or “60minutes” … right? There is no mistaking that getting a cast off can be unnerving. Hopefully, after reading this (more…)

What is that Royals Player Wearing on His Thumb?

  Have you noticed what the all those Royals players are wearing on their thumbs when they hits those well placed RBIs?     Batting all the time can aggravate and cause some serious pain, especially when MLB is playing at least three games a week.     So what are these baseball players wearing on their thumbs??     And the answer is…. (more…)

BMI and What Does it Mean?

Body Mass Index Explained

BMI stands for body mass index. This is a calculation based on height and weight and is calculated (more…)

Featured KCBJ Problem: The ACL Tear, part 2: The Diagnosis

  So you are in the middle of the football field, or have just been brought down off the ski mountain by a helicopter, and the certified athletic trainer or a physician on site has determined that you may have an anterior cruciate ligament injury. After you have recovered from the shock of having a serious injury, what do you do?   The next step is to (more…)

Healthy Bone Tips

Strong, healthy bones are essential for your well-being. Bones provide structure, protect organs, anchor muscles, and provide calcium storage. Your bones are constantly changing (more…)