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Casting Fears? Don’t Worry, We Have You Covered

Cast Application: What to Expect You’ve just been given a cast made of fiberglass. This cast will hold your arm in place to help it heal. Though it might feel a bit awkward at first, you’ll soon get used to it. (more…)

Two words: Patient Engagement

 Patient engagement; these two simple words are being used more and more these days. With the rise of Social Media and the increase in Government regulations around providers being actively engaged with their patients, we think it is time to jump in an embrace changes wholeheartedly.   Drumroll please……this is our new and fantastic Blog.   Well, we say fantastic but the truth is we want it to be fantastic. So here is the part about patient engagement: We need you!   (more…)

Electronic Medical Records- Friend or Foe??

  Well this question depends on who and when you ask. As with any new technology or significant change, there is a learning curve. Remember the new remote for your T.V. or the new cell phone? However, once you learn it, you love it. The same is true of Electronic Medical Records (EMR). (more…)

Ronald McDonald Packing Party

  Our office staff has decided that we would like to do something as a group to give back to the Ronald McDonald House at Children’s Mercy. There is staff here at KCBJ that have even stayed in the house or utilized the room in the past and several of our staff has a heart for serving (more…)

Let’s Go Pinning: Pinterest in a Medical Practice

"You’re a medical practice, why are you on Pinterest as a business?"   I get that question a lot, in fact for the first 2 months we joined Pinterest, I was getting the question from my co-workers. Oh and "um what is Pinterest? I looked at it but don't get it"   I began to explain this answer to my co-workers and friends so I thought I would share the basics here too. (more…)

Bone Density Test- Do you have Peanut Butter Bone?

Bone Density Test: Why is it important for you?

A bone density test determines if you have osteoporosis, a disease that causes a decrease in bone mass causing weaker bones with a higher risk of bone fracture. Determining your bone density can be helpful in predicting the risk of a fracture and (more…)