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Things that I might not know before my joint replacement surgery…

Joint Replacement Surgery Preparation

You have decided to have joint replacement surgery. Preparing mentally for this surgery is important for you and for your family or support person. The pain and activity limitations after surgery will be different than what you have been experiencing and will (more…)

What is a cortisone injection, and why am I getting one?

Understanding Cortisone Injections No one likes shots but sometimes it is worth a little pain for a lot of relief. Cortisone is a steroid used to treat inflammation. This is not an injection for pain relief; however by reducing inflammation and swelling, pain may subside.   Some people report that the cortisone takes effect almost immediately but more frequently relief comes within a few days. Some patients (more…)

EMG Accredited Lab


Did you know that KCBJ has the only accredited EMG lab in the greater KC area as well as the entire state of Kansas? (more…)

Secure Messaging 101

First step to secure messaging is creating an account So you have created your account on our portal and now you want to send us a secure message. Well it is easy. That’s the point right- an easy way to send us a message.